Sebby~! 21. Half Korean and Half Euro (German and Norwegian). Funny how the minute goes by and you grow positively or negatively from it.


I am getting my first F in a class that I can retake next year and I am not freaking out. Instead everyone else is around me because apparently it’s the end of the world. I think I have more to offer to the world than a F in a class. Also it’s my first F in life. My GPA is still a 2.9 after this semester. 

ummm i don’t know now how to feel about a picture that was taken 11 years ago and they tagged the wrong person in the picture. I am definitely sure that it’s me….




 Fantasy, sci-fi and gender bending by Sakimi chan from facebook

Is it me or does male Elsa look like he’s about to give a “hadouken!” To some unsuspecting foes?

omg i will cosplay that cruella de vil

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Arte sobre arte….


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A Peek into the Life of a Tibetan Monk with @gdax

For a peek into the daily life of Tibetan monk དགེ་འདུན་དབང་ཕྱུག (Gedun Wangchuk), follow @gdax on Instagram.

དགེ་འདུན་དབང་ཕྱུག, or Gedun Wangchuk, (@gdax) is a Buddhist monk living in Tibet, where he uses Instagram to share scenes from his daily life atop one of the highest locations on earth. The region boasts an average elevation of 4,900 meters (16,000 feet) and is home to some of the world’s tallest mountains, including Mount Everest at the Nepal border to the southwest.

"Mankind shares and lives on planet Earth as one family with each continent having its own different nationalities, religions, faith, customs, unique culture and languages. But aside from such differences, we all have the same common desire for happiness," Gedun says. "That’s why Instagram, as a window to this global family, is a joy."


Today’s style inspiration: Loza Maleombho.

Scenes of Brazilian-born Ivorian designer’s life chronicled through her instagram page are sure to fill you with copious amounts of envy.

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